Wednesday, June 10, 2015

You Have a Super Power

I had been the worst Mom that morning.

I wanted to squeeze some errands in and then get my kids home to sleep so I could get things done, and the morning minutes were ticking away as I watched my older ones slugged their way through chores.  Every time I went looking for them (because I had to go looking for them), they were playing.  My calm discipline gave way to full on SCREAMING after the fourth or fifth reminder to get back to work. 

Everyone was crying.  I felt sick.  I hated myself.

We got to the store and I turned on my sweet mommy voice as I coached them through each isle.  "Stay behind Mommy."  "Please stop touching."  "Can someone try to make the baby laugh so he will stop screaming?" 

We got stopped by a woman looking at a display.  She didn't see us so we waited.  Then, my oldest, in a moment of charm and grace said so sweetly, "Excuse me." 

The lady looked at me and said, "Great job, Mom.  What a polite young man.  You are doing this right." 

The tears came fast.  I mumbled, "Thank You." and moved past her.  I couldn't see the labels on the juice.  I couldn't talk for a minute.  That woman had no idea how powerful she was.  Her words changed everything.

Don't tell me you can't change the world.  You have a super power.  You have the power to change someone's day with your words.

We all know how damaging words can be.  We have been the victims of hurtful speech, and I know I have been the one doing the damage.

On the other hand, we can do so much good with our words.  I have seen my sons be trained into changing some bad habits just by using positive speech when they did well.  I have seen my husband walk into a work day with an optimistic attitude after a compliment by a student the day previous.  When you get a good compliment, don't you replay it in your head for hours, or days?  I even treasure a few gems I received YEARS ago.

So, be GENEROUS with your words.  Maybe you have been trying to figure out what you have to give to someone when money is short and time is unable to be spared.  Purposely give them your good words.  Write notes, leave Facebook comments, or if you are feeling very brave, and very generous, give them some public praise, with actual spoken words.  Imagine the impact you can make. 

You have POWER to change someone's moment.  And our moments become our days, our weeks, our lives...look at what you can do!